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Supervision of Installation

IPM in collaboration with their customers will attend the supervision of installation of metering systems to carry out important maintenance checks and ensure that systems are installed and running in a timely and efficient manner.


IPM engineers can assist in the commissioning of all equipment supplied. Commissioning activities include: Pre-commissioning checks Safety checks, Commissioning, Site Acceptance Tests


IPM provide training to ensure that customers achieve the maximum performance from the metering systems and equipment provided throughout the Middle East


IPM can provide a support contract that guarantees that replacement parts are readily available to minimize any downtime that may occur with a system and its full operational functioning.


ultrasonic metering systems

IPM supply turbine meters for use in refineries and petrochemical plants and because they are easy to calibrate in situ they are also used as master meters for liquid ultrasonic metering systems.

Turbine Meters

The liquid turbine meter has been the traditional method of metering for many decades. Turbine meters through their lifetime maintain their reliability, whilst also maintaining a high degree of accuracy when proven at regular intervals using a calibrated proving system.

Helical type turbine

Helical type turbine meters can be used for higher viscosity oils and special bearings allow the meter to be used with condensates of very low lubrication properties.

Positive Displacement

Positive Displacement meters provide a high level accuracy and can be used to meter oil with high viscosity. Their size, weight and vulnerability to internal damage, makes them unsuitable for offshore installations.